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So called “Islamic Women Oppression”

Hi Everyone,

An Islamic woman wearing an old-fashioned Hijab (covering for body).

An Islamic woman wearing an old-fashioned Hijab (covering for body).

When people think of women in Islam, they associate it with oppression. This has been a misconception in most non-Muslims minds for awhile now because the media likes to show the “false” Islam.

First of all, the Islamic women people see on the news, usually in Saudi Arabia, is a complete falsity. Saudi Arabia, in general, is a corrupt country that keeps their country’s women oppressed. That humiliates, embarrasses, and prevents women from everything they’re entitled to in the real Islamic face. They beat women and restrict them from driving vehicles, which is the complete contrary to Islamic teachings.

Speaking from my own life and experiences, the majority of the non-Muslim population hasn’t seen how women are truly treated. For example, in Pakistan or the United States, I’ve seen women, including my mother, drive vehicles. They don’t get their necks chopped if they don’t wear hijabs (they have a choice). They don’t get humiliated on a regular basis. It’s just in places where countries give the wrong image to others about Islam.

As far as I know, women have at least the same if not equal to the rights of men. Sure, there are a few things a man needs to do in an Islamic family, such as supporting their family with income instead of a woman. Usually, a woman’s job is to take care of her family, but that doesn’t mean they’re restricted to that. I’ve personally seen Islamic women who have ascended to being neurosurgeons, doctors, attorneys, and CEO of eminent businesses.

So, next time, please don’t think that Islam allows women to be beat, raped, or anything else gruesome. It’s strictly forbidden in Islam, Christianity, and most other major religions, and it’s just morally wrong to beat a woman.

I respect all women, and all Muslims AND non-Muslims should too. We were all created by the same God, and we’re all brothers and sisters.

I hope that a few misconceptions were cleared about women in Islam!

Saad Naveed


6 Responses to “So called “Islamic Women Oppression””

  1. can i speak you

  2. Why is it that Islam in chrstian nations are not being oppressed. This is all because Islam is a religion of law, and law can only operate in a community, a state, city or town. (Ummah) And Islam cannot stand if it does not get a state, a community, city, town to implementi it laws. That is why people in Arab countries they are being oppressed and not given the chance to do what they want because the shariah rules over there.But shariah (law) cannot operate in christian nation. Because in America democracy rules, and you can do anything you want.

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  4. yan loong legend 3…

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  5. Hello mates, how is all, and what you wish for to say concerning this paragraph, in my view its truly amazing for me.

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